Gratis: Commune Dialogue

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Commune Dialogue

If you have attended one of other Commune programs aside from Gratis,  we now invite you to continue your journey with us. In a Commune Dialogue we offer you an opportunity to go beyond the basics of Love. We owe you this privilege, since you have chosen Pathfinders’ Commune as your learning companion. We open our doors leading to many sources and give you the chance to share and present your thoughts, ideas and experiences of Love.

Every month, we will hold a Commune Dialogue and explore different topics. We will watch films with spiritual and social significance. We will read and digest inspiring and wisdom-filled books and articles written by teachers and luminaries. We will also listen to their audio lectures, interviews and seminars. We will  navigate websites of endeavors that resonate with Pathfinders’ Commune vision. We will network with organizations engaged in spiritual and creative transformations. We will also invite and hear the stories and insights of inspiring people who quietly devote themselves to the growing evolution of our humanity.

We will begin to co-create for better solutions based on the principles of Love, and use them to help our families and communities. We will all do this in the light of our commitment to Love: again, acceptance of the other and listening to them intently without judgment and criticism. And we build meaningful friendships as we practice Love in our gatherings and future activities.

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