Gratis: Commune Prelude

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Commune Prelude

Most people are not familiar with Pathfinders’ Commune. We want them to learn more about our endeavor by introducing it through a program called Commune Prelude. Usually, we talk about a general topic or theme on Love, since it is a vast topic. We share how Pathfinders’ Commune started, its long-term vision and mission, and any basic information about it. We also talk about anything and everything about Love. We can hold a Prelude with your family members, “barkada” or friends, co-workers, classmates, colleagues, and fellow members of different organizations. Wherever you belong, we invite you to invite us bring the Communes to your place.

Commune Prelude is a free event, too. This is our opportunity to spread Love to different sectors of our society. You may know people looking for alternative ways to understand reality and solve their problems, or some organizations who want to put up a new kind of educational activity or training project, please share them our vision of Love and encourage them to experiment possibilities with us. We look forward to meet them and share the stories and insights of Pathfinders’ Commune. We welcome as much as 30 to 50 people, and introduce them the basics of Love: acceptance and listening, coupled with sincerity and honesty, as always.

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