Gratis: Commune Sharing

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Commune Sharing

This was the first Commune program we started in November 15, 2008. I invited friends, former students and new acquaintances and spent some time asking and answering questions about Love. We chose a nice spot in various natural parks and backyards,  sat comfortably, breathed and felt Love as we deeply share our thoughts, insights and feelings.

Pathfinders’ Commune continues the tradition of Commune Sharing. This activity welcomes people of different backgrounds and ages, free of charge. Sharing your time in a Commune Sharing is your key to open yourself to what a Commune has to offer. You will meet friendly people, share with them a welcoming space. It can be done at somebody’s home, within a beautiful backyard garden, or maybe at public parks and facilities. Wherever we do it, Love is there, as we always express the basic forms of Love – accepting each other regardless of differences, and listening to what the other has to say. And we always have the chance to share with heartfelt sincerity and honesty.

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