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No Other Way

I keep on hearing the same theme out of many stories: people who suffer from being unloved. They do not meet their expectations of being Loved by their partners, spouses and loved ones. They feel deprived because they have Loved too much.  They are not appreciated for what they do, whether at home or in […]


The Power of Names

I learned in college chemistry the word nomenclature, a naming system for many chemicals and substances. It is responsible for the weird-sounding names we read on the ingredients at the back label of packaged foods and shampoo bottles. Biology has a similar system: taxonomy, a method being used to give organisms their scientific names, which […]

pillar close-up

More than Morality

A friend was reprimanded by a Catholic priest after confessing her “mortal sin”. It was such a grave one that shocked and angered the priest, who almost left her without finishing the confession, as if her sin was unforgivable. My friend felt embarrassed and rejected, but continued to listen to the priest’s harsh words without […]

God Includes All

I heard from some of my Christian friends that people of other faiths won’t be saved and will be damned in hell forever. It really troubled me so much. As a kid, I had an affinity with other faiths, even if at the time I had not met a Buddhist or a Hindu and not even […]

On Becoming God

In the film Bruce Almighty, Jim Carrey’s character Bruce thought that God does a poor job. So God gave him a chance to improve it. He was endowed with such omnipotence that he indulged himself in living out his fantasies and getting even with his enemies. But it turns out that he could not bear […]

On Knowing God

We see our elders, teachers, leaders, and experts as providers of knowledge. I agree, at least in the role they have played in our lives. But I dare say that the least person we would consider as a source of knowledge is ourselves. This is telling, and we have since disempowered ourselves by believing it […]

On Finding God

As kids we used to fantasize seeing God. We did it in many ways, like having an imaginary friend. We talked to God and smiled at him and imagine that he was just around. It seems  a childish thing to do in our grown-up years, and this is why only a few of us continue […]


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