Why Love?

Why Love? Many people have asked me why I find this topic interesting. Why did I choose it? That’s a good question. We often decide over things that have either trivial effects on our daily concerns or have the power to change our lives. Careers, jobs, relationships, beliefs, and finances are often major life decisions. We ask others why they pursued a particular career, why they applied for this job,  why they committed themselves to their partners, why they adhered to this belief, or why they wanted to do a particular business and earn. These are common questions we ask people because they all deem importance in their lives. And to this same extent, I feel the same gravity when people ask me the question, “Why Love?”

I think–and feel–that I did not choose Love. Love has chosen me.  That may sound simplistic and preposterous. It sounds as if God chose a prophet-to-be. But how often do we feel that there are things happen beyond reason? Whenever we look back we would ask ourselves, why did we choose this and that? Our choices are far more mysterious than how we tend to see them. We are caught up by its mystery that we realize that our choices have a life of their own. Even we reject and resist them, we just don’t choose our choices. The moment we choose them is the moment they choose us.

I chose Love because I discovered that it had chosen me. It was an organic choice, not a deliberate one. I chose Love along with my frustrations and despair of understanding its truth. I quit over things–jobs, ventures, ideas– that were too complicated, too manipulative, and too confusing. I wanted to see life in a deeper, grander and eternal way, beyond the usual daily things that always bother us. But in that search, all available references to Love disturbed me. They were  too shallow, redundant and temporary. I wanted to find and learn more. That desire stirred me to begin searching what is more to Love.

As I said, the choice to search Love has a life of its own. That desire was alive as I found ways to understand Love beyond the confines of its limited notions. I found books of Leo Buscaglia and Erich Fromm (see Beginnings). From there, I found Love’s basic simplicity. Love is more than a topic. It touches the innermost part of my humanity. It opened my heart to a renewed sensibility. Love is outside the boundaries of traditional definitions. And from there on, Love has never been the same again.

I am always overwhelmed by Love’s unlimited forms. They are all both beautiful and ugly, knowing that Love is always an inclusive truth.

While Love is simple, it has revealed Its intrinsic complexity. I have seen Love as what most teachers called a permeating intelligence, an all-encompassing truth. Whether one talks about politics or nature, health or romance, family or arts, philosophy or science, I couldn’t help but be awed by the presence of Love manifesting in these concepts in words, actions and creations. Love completely transpires in every systems of human thought, both in literal and metaphorical ways. I am always overwhelmed by Love’s unlimited forms. They are all both beautiful and ugly, knowing that Love is always an inclusive truth.

The challenge I am facing now is how I would articulate these realizations. Writing is by far the only tool Love has used to lead me to Itself.  Love has express Itself in me through writing. Likewise, a musician expresses Love through music he or she composes and plays. An artist expresses Love through the art he or she creates. A mother expresses Love through her caring, attention and embraces. Love can be expressed in many ways. And writing is my way. This is why I write.

As I discover more about Love, I could see that writing is just one way. I could also express Love by sharing and discussing It with others. I can express Love by teaching Love. But it is not a way of teaching that claims “I know everything about Love”. In fact, I know deep within that I do not know much about it, that Love remains a mystery.  In teaching Love I am being taught what Love is. Therefore, teaching Love is not a one-way process. Love does not just come from the teacher. By connecting with others who seek in the same manner as I do, I am learning Love in a very unique way. I commune with Love as I commune with others. As I commune with others, I commune with myself. As I commune with myself, I commune with Love. The endless learning cycle continues.

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