On Experience

Whenever we talk about experience, we often define it with our common notion of hardships and past stories of one’s life. We hear our old folks talk about their old days, or our parents saying that they know better because of their past experiences. We hear ourselves saying that we do not have such experiences, […]

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On Symbols

Everyday we see colorful expressions of our humanity. Words, arts, rituals, music, clothing and food are  just some of the most common day-to-day symbols that enrich us with substance and functionality. What if the world would be like the universe in Lois Lowry’s The Giver, wherein people live with definite roles and unbreakable rules? It […]

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Existential Crisis

Most of my friends and people that I know have been undergoing some sort of crisis in their lives, all differ in extent and nature.  Some contracted an illness, while others are broke, coupled with a heap of financial obligations. Many have difficulties in their relationships with loved ones, partners and co-workers, and some are […]

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Understanding Choice

In the movie Matrix Reloaded, Neo, played by Keannu Reeves, meets again the Oracle, played by Gloria Foster (see the clip). Neo was doubtful if he could still trust the Oracle, who knows every choice Neo has made, including if he is about to accept her candy.  Neo asks the Oracle on how he can […]

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When The Spirit Sings

Everyone can sing, but not all are gifted and skilled singers. As Filipinos, we are satisfied with how videoke (video karaoke) can amplify  our voices as we sing to our heart’s content, while having fun reading the lyrics of songs flashing on the screen. In our private moments the bathroom is a great place to […]

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Romantic Opposites

Even if romantic and married couples choose either to make up with or break up from each other whenever they are at odds, it turns out that the myth of Love as romantic perfection is clearly at play. The idea that there should be harmony between them through conforming with each others whims, or the […]

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