On Symbols

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Everyday we see colorful expressions of our humanity. Words, arts, rituals, music, clothing and food are  just some of the most common day-to-day symbols that enrich us with substance and functionality. What if the world would be like the universe in Lois Lowry’s The Giver, wherein people live with definite roles and unbreakable rules? It is hard to imagine a world without color or diversity of symbols  that cannot trigger any wonder and mystery. Thanks to the character Jonas, and his mentorship under the Giver. Jonas became the Receiver of memories, of life unimaginable in their dry and barren reality. The story reminds us how symbols enrich our lives.

Symbol is a word often associated with arts and design, but they limit what symbols can tell us. Symbols are tremendously vast, and we express their miracles of variety enriched in color, shapes, sizes, and create stark differences of expressions and individuations that are magically animated by our inner passion and enthusiasm. We create and celebrate our own creations through symbols. We dream and awaken in materiality of symbols to live our profoundest desire to be human and become divine. We ostensibly put our symbolic inner meanings to our outer realities, and stamp it with the signature energy of our existence. This is how many of us emerge from the infinite depths and breadths of essence as artists, poets, musicians, teachers, thinkers, geniuses, inventors, and mystics, shaping our existence into a unique symbolic manifestation.

Symbol is a Greek word which means “thrown together”. Like Helen of Troy, a symbol is an incarnation of beauty that launches–or throws–a thousand of meanings. Symbols are so ubiquitous that we see them everyday and everywhere in multiple ways. Nature displays its organic symbols through diverse living and non-living  forms . Media bombard us with many symbols that entice us to buy and consume goods. Many forms of arts burst out with immense power that touches our capacity to appreciate inner and outer beauty. Religions provide us the seedbed of symbols directly tapping into divine power using unique set of teachings, artifacts, costumes, structures and rituals, all of which blend into a concoction of what is considered as sacred and worthy. Traditions and cultures are the very matrix of symbols, through which our identity becomes tangible.  Thus, every symbol throws together an amazingly interconnected dimension of meanings born out of our deepest curiosity for the mystery of our humanity.

Symbols have activated within us a deepened awareness and experience of Love.

I know that symbols are not just important because they are common, but also because when we understand them deeply, they can radically change our usual  manner of perceiving life.  Through symbols, we can sense the language of  energy as it calls us to move out our self-imposed limitations. Symbols speak to us what words cannot convey.  Ironically, words are symbols, too, but they have kept us from the infinite richness of what symbols mean. However, if we “read between the lines”, so to speak, we could find that any word serves as a key to infinite meanings like a plain symbol does. Symbols, may it be any word or form, can always  throw us a multifaceted truth we can freely discern in our own way.

Dynamic and spiritually-grounded couple John and Medge Olivares helped me to expand my own perception and comprehension of symbols. The workshop they conducted this past weekend entitled Mandala For Me explored my innate power to understand and express symbol through sacred geometry. Together with my new co-learners in the workshop, we immersed ourselves in allowing our senses to attune to the mysteries of symbols, may it be ancient or intuitive forms, through creating our own mandalas and other symbolic expressions. We have also learned the significance of our life purpose in connection with our evolutionary self. We established the connection of our symbols to our souls, as we communicate with it through feelings and images. To be able to find our symbolic selves was a nourishing and eye-opening experience.

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One theme that recurred in our 2-day workshop was the manner in which we see ourselves. That whatever symbol may arise from our mind’s eye, or however symbol translates into lines, shapes and colors upon paper is never wrong and can never be dictated by anyone. It is the choice of our souls that we become aware of, that nothing is worth judging by any certain standards of right and wrong. With that, symbols have paved us an access to the rich, unfathomable Love of ourselves  as we realize that we are immeasurably worthy as human beings.  Symbols have activated within us a deepened awareness and experience of Love.

The workshop does not end there. Ultimately, beyond the impermanence of the symbols we have discovered, we have now discovered the most vital and eternal symbol of all: the being who sees all the symbols, and that is us. In our minds, all symbols burst into countless forms.  In our hearts, all symbols merge into one essence. We are both the source and creator of all symbols. And we are the only symbol that become aware of them.

Mandala for Me course Level 1: Mind as a Key–Introduction to Sacred Geometry and Personal Evolution was held last weekend, July 9-10, 2011. It will be held again in August, followed by Level 2: The Self as Doorway–Aligning Sacred Geometry to Personal Geography. Please check this Facebook page for updates.  

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