The Message of Crisis

Personal and Collective Crisis None of us have the same crisis. ¬†Crisis happen in varying degrees and the impact may also be¬†different from one person to the other. What is accurate in every crisis is a precise process. First, there is always a trigger, and this goes in multitude of reasons for many people. Second, […]

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Fresh from the Source

The Baybayin Class Baybayin is an ancient script used by Filipinos long before the Spaniards came. Known to many as alibata, which was then a misnomer, Baybayin is the evidence of literacy of ancient Filipinos even before learning the Roman alphabet. Like our Asian counterparts, we have our own writing system, only we forgot using […]

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Before Criticizing

I am not so much into reading newspaper or watching news, although I still keep myself updated periodically since I have my internet access. For two years, aside from breaking catastrophes in the country and in different parts of the globe, controversies particularly here in the Philippines have erupted like volcanoes, and stirred our minds […]

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