Finding Love

The age of rapid evolution is getting faster and faster. We have changed the face of the planet through many unprecedented advancements, even turning it into its worst state. Only few people wield global power and control all resources, while a huge number of our species are battling daily suffering of not meeting their basic […]

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Love as a Sacred Space

Space. Either it is an empty part of anything or the vastness where all heavenly bodies float. In Ishilta’s sacred geography lessons, a space is something without identity as compared to a place which a human presence identifies. ¬†As a child, I see space as a playground of a kid who dreams to become an […]

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The Power of Here

This came to me as an insight: many of us have heard Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now and it has revolutionized our way of thinking and experiencing time from our constricting past memories and future anxieties into a serene, empowered Now; and long ago there was a Ram Dass whose wisdom quenched the thirst […]

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Hidden Message of Crisis

My friend and mentor Jules and I had once argued over the definition of Crisis. In her work as a counselor of a crisis hotline, Crisis has a common story; these are major life problems that plague many people which often reveal tragic losses and unbearable grief, which often trigger people to contemplate suicide. I […]

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