A Loving Appeal to Filmmakers

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Like many people, I look forward to your art because you put so much capacity in my choice to witness how you see the world, the reality and the truth. In your ways I am being shaped by the power you cast and you inspire me by the magic you create. Your technology is such a huge miracle that entrances me to manifest my ability to imagine. Your eyes are the cameras that captures the vision of your longings and emotions and make me feel and own them. You reach me through television, silver screen and cyberspace, and demonstrate all your movements and rhythms and bring me to that same flow. You suspend my disbelief as you put me in a new belief that your story is my story. Your myth-making opens me to a whole new dimension of possibility. I am deeply grateful for the  gift you continue to give to the world.

But, like all things neutral, your breed is a wielder of double-edge swords. Your choice of how you show your stories may reflect the illusions that our society continues to see. I cannot help but be  saddened by your continuous depiction of the battle between good people and evil people. It spawns all the flare of unnecessary drama, violence and rivalries that often mislead many into believing that they are normal realities of life. The lines of illusion and reality are blurred in the bright screens, so many people seem to agree that the solution to conflicts with others are the portrayals of verbal, physical or sexual assaults. That the phantasmagoria of horrors may haunt us anytime, or that we use them to elicit fear to control our children. That blood and gore and misery and death are valued as artistic expressions even if they are products of our unimaginable nightmares.

I lovingly appeal to the powerful trinity of filmmaking. To the screenwriters who write stories, may you find that your pen is really powerful than any weapon, as it has the power to recreate the images of war and violence of our times. May you feel and sense, each time you write, a transcending inspiration that leaves behind the battles between people. Rather, may you write about stories that depict people’s triumph over inner chaos, their invaluable life journeys, deepening relationships and reaching personal fulfillment and meaning without harming oneself or others.

May your eyes begin to see the Love within every being…

To the directors who decide the outcome of their films, may you find that your ability to see through your camera is powerful enough to change the world. Through your eyes, may you see stories of peace and harmony rather than fighting and conquering, so you can inspire your viewers to feel what it is like to be in that state of bliss. May your eyes begin to see the Love within every being, and may that truth be demonstrated in your chosen art.

To the producers, may your power to provide the resources for directors and screenwriters and other people involve to be more engaged in creating films of Loving value that can touch our hearts and realize our connections. Your presence is our hope in transforming our world into becoming the witness of Loving transformation.

photo from Microsoft Office Image

It is not enough to just put the ratings of a movie or TV program and warn adults to guide their children. We cannot anymore cover our children’s eyes and pretend that there is nothing to watch, yet  your craft definitely affects their sensibility. For learning among children is through the sheer power of observation – what they see is what they do. We give them the examples and they live them out. The whole filmmaking industry is by far the force majeur that shows influential examples. Our children and our society as a whole can reflect and make infinite reflections of the films that gloriously demonstrate good or evil, because your tool magnifies our human potential of observation. May you find the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi and Weiner Heisenberg, who, in their respective vocations, found how observation is powerful enough to transform the observer and the observed. It is about time to give our children the  gift of Love through your craft, that we may show them our true Loving, human nature.

I know that deep in your hearts every misery and violence and war and suffering is not what you desire for yourselves, your families and your friends. May you begin to see your every viewer as yourself, your family and your friend, and that you may intend to stop giving them the depictions of miseries, violence, wars and sufferings you yourself would not want. May you give us back to our sanity and to our hearts, and see your art as a new tool to accomplish this possibility. May you find inspiration with the likes of the Spiritual Cinema Circle and other productions, whose filmmakers strive to show us that filmmaking is a noble path to express the consciousness of peace, joy, harmony, and ultimately, Love. May you be the beacon of light to your actors and actresses and bring them together to a new vision of how films will take part to the major and exciting change of the future. That in every film you make, we can witness Love, and that the story you have shown us can now create a Loving world.

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