Finding Love

The age of rapid evolution is getting faster and faster. We have changed the face of the planet through many unprecedented advancements, even turning it into its worst state. Only few people wield global power and control all resources, while a huge number of our species are battling daily suffering of not meeting their basic human needs. There is a great imbalance many of us do not just observe but also feel deeply. It is disheartening to see this ongoing realities without the capacity to get involve. It  is easier to brush them off and continue to live the routines of our lives.

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With this in context, we can try asking people: “In what ways can we find Love in this wretched and worn-out world?” This could be an extremely challenging question. Love, for many, is an elusive, immaterial reality. Others find Love as a narrowed thought-process that only occurs in romantic encounters. When religious people emphasize Love as an offering of God, many people may still find it more difficult to receive an invisible gift from an invisible giver. Inside many houses and establishments are little wars between family members or friends and co-workers. These wars are always big enough to obscure the presence of Love. Many people hate to see themselves in the mirror and afraid to appreciate their lives, let alone Love themselves. Our interconnecting technologies like TV and internet that usually serve as our bridge to the world often show us how sick the world is  and we are helpless and hopeless to heal it.

A few minutes ago, I tried listening again to one of The Black Eyed Peas famous song Where is the Love? Thanks to the artists, and to my fellow kababayan for bringing this song to the world. Its message is so timely and classic that through some fun and hip music, this young generation can simultaneously follow the beat and ask the most pertinent question of all time.

Where can we find Love? Nobody and nothing but ourselves.

In many countries particularly here in the Philippines, many events happen, mostly motivated by the energy of fear, hatred and greed. Love is often out of the league. How can we find Love in the middle of these three subtle but powerful forms of human ignorance? As they dominate, we are lost, and we see this now in our appetite for manipulation, war and corruption. I am not just referring to the realities in the bigger arena like politics and military or academe and business. Most people know and oppose them, but often go against the people and not the seemingly indomitable forces of ignorance. These illnesses of the human spirit are as palpably true between parents and children, teachers and students, husbands and wives, friends and strangers.  Our actions are as weak as our unawareness, for we fight and destroy fellow humans rather than the invisible demons within us.

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So, how can we really find Love? I know what you feel – this question is not easy to answer. But I would rather ask the question than to forget Love all throughout. By writing this post, I am deeply engaged in finding It. For sure, this is not enough. Nonetheless, a drop is always a part of a vast ocean. We can ask the question over and over again, until the question itself becomes irrelevant. By then, we can assure ourselves that we have made the right step. Finding Love is always a gift we can give to ourselves, to others and to the world.

Now that we are lost in finding Love, its about to time to find our way back. Where can we find Love? Nobody and nothing but ourselves. We find Love as we see and care for the precious life in us and in others. We find Love in our ultimate recognition of each other’s existence, even though we are veiled by imperfections, sinfulness and failures. This is the hardest thing to do, and its better not to force ourselves. Our first step is to find this Love within us. We have thousands of wonderful tools and we can use them in the service of finding Love. Our commitment to find Love within opens doors for us to find Love outside of us. We realize our nature and we will express our nature in its natural way. And we will naturally find Love in the presence of others, in the presence of Earth and all creation, and in the acceptance of the process of ups and downs we call Life. By then, we will be finding Love in the littlest details of our lives, from the mundane to the mysterious, from the profane to the sacred.

Finding Love, eventually, will become an oxymoron. Finding Love means that there is nothing to find. We will awaken ourselves to an inviolable truth that neither is Love lost nor had left us behind. Love is just here in us, in this unfathomable depths of our souls.

6 thoughts on “Finding Love

  1. i fell away from god and did not know how to love and broke the ten comandments all i want to do is find my way to love i feel god hates what ive done i don’t want to be like that anymore all i want to do is love is it too late for me…love to you

    1. Hi, Pamela. God does not hate anyone. It is only us who hate ourselves and others. You can only begin to reconcile with God the moment you Love yourself by letting go of all your self-judgments.

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