The White Shirt

A white shirt is a common clothing of our modern society. Men, in particular, wear it as an undergarment.  Others print or paint them with designs they wanted. Some people prefer wearing plain white shirts – no elaborate designs, no brand names printed loud. So no points of comparison with other shirts, except when it […]

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The End of Competition

School days are the most fun-filled days for learning new things. But for most students these days could also be the fiercest days. There are bullies and rivalries and there are races to become topnotchers and dean’s listers. Students compare everything from their pencil cases to school grades. The Darwinian principle of “survival of the […]

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The Restroom

Warning: the content of this post may offend you due to its delicate topic. However, I request you that as you dare reading this, please open  your heart and mind. Insights can also be found in the most mundane and unlikely things.   Where wastes are hidden I learned a new word from a trainer […]

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When Dancing Tells a Story

Dancing is among the things I enjoy doing. As early as 12, I learned some basic steps of  ballroom dances like swing and cha-cha-cha, not only from our physical education classes but also by merely watching dancers on TV.  I developed that grace and swiftness by sheer observation alone. I took every opportunity dancing in […]

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On Becoming God

In the film Bruce Almighty, Jim Carrey’s character Bruce thought that God does a poor job. So God gave him a chance to improve it. He was endowed with such omnipotence that he indulged himself in living out his fantasies and getting even with his enemies. But it turns out that he could not bear […]

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Love: Problems and Perspectives

I have heard many people talk about problems. I presume that most of their conversations among friends, co-workers and relatives all revolve around some kind of a problem. They may always mean money, either being broke or penniless. Or problems about relationships, trouble of getting along with parents, in-laws, spouses, children, bosses, or neighbors. They […]

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On Knowing God

We see our elders, teachers, leaders, and experts as providers of knowledge. I agree, at least in the role they have played in our lives. But I dare say that the least person we would consider as a source of knowledge is ourselves. This is telling, and we have since disempowered ourselves by believing it […]

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At One With Love

What do we attribute to Love? It often ignites fireworks of emotions, bursting into colors inside us, appearing fast and disappearing in no time. Emotions are inherent in every being across all cultures and geographies, traverse the imaginary boundaries of nations, and do not recognize differences of races and languages. Through them, Love speaks its […]

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On Finding God

As kids we used to fantasize seeing God. We did it in many ways, like having an imaginary friend. We talked to God and smiled at him and imagine that he was just around. It seems  a childish thing to do in our grown-up years, and this is why only a few of us continue […]

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The Path to Agape

I met some of my Christian friends about 6 years ago, and my meeting with them was a milestone in my spiritual journey. In their language, I understood how one becomes a good Christian and how one lives the teachings of Jesus Christ. I deeply appreciate their presence and effort in creating a community of […]

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