At One With Love

What do we attribute to Love? It often ignites fireworks of emotions, bursting into colors inside us, appearing fast and disappearing in no time. Emotions are inherent in every being across all cultures and geographies, traverse the imaginary boundaries of nations, and do not recognize differences of races and languages. Through them, Love speaks its powerful subtlety in its utmost abstraction that confounds the learned’s limited perception of the material world. What is concrete for Love is intangible to those who refuse to recognize its truth. It leaves its invisible trail as an empty concept, a ghost that haunts our books and taunts our minds but unable to nests in our hearts.

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Love is the sweetness that energizes our weary souls. We gather it yet we end up ill from its sickening nectar that comes from the platitudes of imposed morality, and we remain starved from its sweet energy. Love often tastes a bittersweet fruit from our dogmas and doctrines, and it satiates our hungry souls but we remain malnourished of Love.  We swallow Love like an intoxicating pill, a seeming panacea that numbs us from true healing. Those didactic and religious derivatives of Love are not enough to wipe out the pains of our inner wounds. We must take Love as a true, nourishing food for the soul.

Love is an astounding magic that enchants us with its romantic power. We desire the presence of  the lover or the beloved, and they captivate us  to enter Love’s door to the mysterious world, and be merged in the delight of togetherness. We then arise electrified by our strongest attraction and sensual longing, come together in a sexual embrace and lifetime intimacy. These are Love’s intense spectacle, only small dusts to its infinite dimension. This romantic picture of Love is only a mirror image that has been shattered over and over, only to leave Love’s real image unseen.

For in the heart of each being lies the soul of becoming. In the core of this truth, we are always at One with Love.

Love cannot remain bound in our misconceptions of emotions, morals or romances. Love is not simply an aggregate of our abstract notions and connotations. Love’s true power is not the meaning we ascribe to it, but its  most pristine form, as a pure energy that animates our humanity. From this energy, the multitude of words, expressions, forms and symbols unfolds. Love is the formlessness,  ever-present and ever-changing, and permeates in every form in the universe. It is a state of being that bears a timeless existence, and a flux of becoming in the process of change, always balanced in our very lives.

Love is a principle that can be learned as we read and listen with responsibility. It is the theory that holds together our scattered memory of what it is to be human. When we remember, we practice Love in seeing people more than objects and seeing objects as entities of life. We learn the skills of Loving, and use them to live the art of Loving ourselves, others and the world everyday without pretensions and absurdities. We welcome experiences from the most profound joys to the most unbearable sorrows. From our limited body we radiate Love into the expanse of the world.

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What is inside creates whatever is outside. What is real outside is born from inside. Love is a consciousness within us, unifying us with everyone and everything.  Indeed, Love is the very consciousness from where everyone and everything emerges and returns, never separate from each other, in an eternal cycle of being and becoming. Love is no longer an emotion that strikes and subsides, or a moral rule that breaks into pieces, or a romantic picture that fades away. This exciting time of our human history opens us to the vast possibilities of learning Love. We are now learning.

Eventually, we will recognize our humanity not only as an evidence of Love but as a potential to become its source. Our thoughts, words and actions are tools in which Love is realized. For in the heart of each being lies the soul of becoming. In the core of this truth, we are always at One with Love.

2 thoughts on “At One With Love

  1. Many confuse the BEING that Love is with Its manifestations. So do they think Love is an emotion, energy, action. It is like thinking the wind is the rustling of leaves and the swaying of trees, or the howling between window slats. It is like thinking the footprints of the dinosaur is the dinosaur itself. The One Being of Love cannot be perceived and known by the intellectual mind. Love is not a matter of understanding and knowing…but a matter of simply BEING. Love is not a matter of BELIEVING…but a matter of BEING and LIVING. You can only awaken to who you really are as a LOVE BEING…by BEING LOVE.

    1. Thanks, Surf. Yes, Being and Living – this is Love, summarized. Those who believe Love misses being and living Love. And those who are being and living Love have no more notions of believing Love.

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