Love: Problems and Perspectives

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I have heard many people talk about problems. I presume that most of their conversations among friends, co-workers and relatives all revolve around some kind of a problem. They may always mean money, either being broke or penniless. Or problems about relationships, trouble of getting along with parents, in-laws, spouses, children, bosses, or neighbors. They may have health problems that gradually deteriorate their lives. They have problems about the political, economic, religious and social issues, and how to solve them.  There is an endless string of problems that are seemingly unsolvable. The frustrating way is to fight them out. The easiest way is to flee from and ignore them and pretend that there is no problem.  We might have effective ways to distract ourselves, but problems remain the same.

Love as a Problem 

Problems are a manifestation of a collective crisis that we all experience. Each problem is highly different from another, yet the emotions that validate them are of same nature for us all. Despite the differences, the very source of problems are undeniably linked to a major misunderstanding. Our views of what Love is, even without using the word ‘Love’ itself reveal the absurdity of our penchant for problems. We perpetuate our own doom by a particular misbelief that is so ingrained in all of us: that Love is found outside of us!

All our problems are rooted from here. How does this lack show its flaw? Whenever our search for our meaning, survival and relationships depends on a worldview that they are outside of us, we continue to live many lies: that there is nothing enough for everyone, and that we have to fight for these resources in order to survive, and that only the superiors can survive while all the inferiors are trampled down. We have observed this problem down from our relationships  up to the global issues.

Search for Solution

A solution is often a response to a problem. But the problem of Love like this one is hard to figure out. Our patterns of creating solutions are ways that emphasize physical outputs. We draft policies and  impose rules, invent technology and  speed up procedures, control supplies and make money because these are the things that are easily seen and achieved. Our genius is often focused on what is material and physical. This kind of view robs Love the chance to be seen and explored. Love as an intangible and invisible essence is a highly unlikely endeavor to use as a basis of creating solutions. The search for the solution becomes futile until we bring back the sense of the sacred, the ultimate awareness of Love.

Only Love transforms our experience.

All external efforts may serve us in a while, but they would easily lose their charm and ability to sustain resolutions. We must let go the thought that Love is outside, and replace it with Love is inside.  This shift in perspective is a powerful outcome by itself. Nothing is created external without the internal, yet the profound change activates the potentiality of unseen solutions. Our personal problems, regardless of their qualities and processes, are doors leading us to such transformation. By this perspective, we would automatically cease our desire to compete, deceive, control, manipulate others, and thus ending the cycle of these actions towards us. When Love is found inside, we would stop demanding others to Love us and instead empower ourselves with our capacity to create, connect, and cooperate, all are but characters and precursors of Loving oneself and others.

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Perspective: Only Love 

Only Love transforms our experience. The Love seen and sourced from inside stops the causes of all problems; this transition becomes in itself the solution. The problem-solution duality is being dissolved. It happens when we begin to recognize the power of Love as it grows in each of us – it is the force that spreads kindness, gentleness and concern. It propels humanity to unfold its ingenuity to heal the sick, alleviate poverty, conserve the environment, protect the ecology, uphold social justice, dismantle systems of greed and control, and uplift the life of every human being on the planet.  Love becomes an ultimatum, a beacon of light for every step of our way. It becomes our true guide, instead of any ruling and control. Love becomes the energy that moves our inspiration and desire to change. Love becomes the reason and outcome of our global movement. There is a growing spiritual renaissance mobilized by hundreds of luminaries and emergent leaders, thousands of groups and organizations, and millions of individual efforts directed towards one common goal: that our species reach its full human potential, which is Love. There is no other way.

Foster Gamble, who currently advocates a new vision of humanity in his amazing documentary Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take?, says it succinctly: “I truly believed that aligning consciously with the fundamental life energy pattern at every level – physical, emotional, mental, interpersonal and environmental – is ultimately the art, the science and celebration of Love – and that’s what we’re here to learn.” His film is an eye opener to make us see that our collective problems can only be solved by our collective shift in perspective. It only takes place when Love is lived. Naturally, all problems become solutions. No one can refute this law.

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