Love at Second Sight

Love at first sight. People often ask me if I believe on this aphorism. I used to give a neutral answer and refer to Love through my personal insights. Looking back, I have difficulty recalling how I answered, but now that I have an interesting manner of dealing with this saying, it’s good to return […]

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Breathing Peace

We usually neglect the importance of breath except when we are nervous, distressed, or down with asthma and colds. We often take the breath for granted as something involuntary and does not need much attention as long as it works. We neglect its presence without understanding that it is our breath that makes us alive.┬áMost […]

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New Endings

It has been a week since the new year has started. After the fireworks and the food during the holidays, we return again to our routine realities. We may have boring things to do again in our jobs and households, new year still marks an exciting point of transition in our lives. We choose interesting […]

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