Misunderstanding Meditation

Meditation is not always peaceful He sits peacefully, while the eye of the storm stares at him. It was a metaphor I attempted to describe meditation, but my fellow participants in one workshop I attended took the phrase as an oxymoron. They thought that meditation is only an experience of peacefulness. They said that such description […]

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Secrets of a Golden Heart

An Old Legend During grade school, I read in one of Filipino textbooks the origin of mango fruit. The legend says that there was a very kind young girl who was more than a good Samaritan. She helped many sick people, fed hungry beggars, and helped the elderly and the forsaken in ways she can. […]

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The Call of the Soul

Two days ago I met Michael, a 20-year old college student. Together with his friend and classmate Earnest, who lives  in my own neighborhood, Michael came to see me and ask my help for their writing project. I was eager to talk and help them but our conversation led me to discover the other side of […]

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Loving Oneself

Whitney Houston’s recent passing evoked deep sadness among her fellow artists and multitude of fans worldwide. Although I do not consider myself a fan, somehow her songs made me sing in my childhood years. Nevertheless, hearing about what happened to her evoked in me a very different experience. She became a sudden reminder, an awakened […]

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Defining Love

Defining the indefinable  A definition is used to make sense of something unintelligible. It clarifies any jargon found in many systems of thinking.  Unclear and difficult words must be defined so they can be clearer and easier to understand. A definition gives a simplified picture of particular word, perhaps fixing its meaning  and rendering it unchangeable. […]

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