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I am not a literature or linguistics expert, but I have a gift that allows me to interact with words more than just writing, speaking, reading or listening to them. This gift has allowed me to read beyond the lines, unearth the words’ origins, and reveal their sacred message. It is a feat that resides in the field of my soul’s imagination, but it is never just a daydreaming stuff. I see how words fly from the pages of books, how their sounds break apart and speak new words, how letters jumble to form new meanings. I have not become crazy in seeing those words; rather, I have felt more alive and abundant through this creative power. And it still continues up to this day.

Finally in 2009 I was able to name this remarkable gift I have. Inspired by Caroline Myss‘ reference to herself as a medical intuitive – a person that can diagnose medical conditions by intuition alone – I referred to myself as a word intuitive. A word intuitive is someone who can read, listen and intuit words magically, igniting divine inspirations and messages. Throughout history, word intuitives were the ones who pronounced the prophecies, read the sacred texts, created powerful conundrums, chanted long prayers and songs, cast the magic spells and wrote exquisite calligraphy and ethereal poems. What made them do those feats?

For me, my deep Love for words has become the seed, and it has grown into new fruition of understanding. Since then, I have paid attention to words in a way a biologist pays attention to anything that is alive. I am sure of one thing: that words are true organisms in their right. They are all alive – creating, organizing, adapting, synergizing. The world is teeming with words and they are not just artificially grown by logic and reasoning but are vibrantly flourishing through unspeakable enchantment arising and passing in the rhythm of each moment. When we declare a word, we create a world. The word became flesh and dwelt among us.

…a word intuitive truly intuits not the words, but the wordless behind them…

Word intuition is a magical process of synesthetic transference of the mystical beauty of sounds, colors, sights, symbols, feelings and imaginations  into creative unfolding of words. No wonder why majority of faithfuls follow the path of the ancients. That there is an unfathomably divine quality in the Bible, Quran, Vedanta, Bhagavad Gita, Tipitaka, Lotus Sutra and Tao Te Ching. Indeed, they are divine conglomeration of divine words spoken by someone or something invisible, intangible and indefinable. In other words, they are all products of word intuition, a human potential inherent in our existence.

As a word intuitive, I have seen words bloom through creative metaphors and idioms, rediscovered figures of speech, discerned nuances and shades of meanings and reexamined words’ etymological roots. I can see the insights behind the acronyms, acrostics, anagrams, onomatopoeias, portmanteaus and oxymorons. I amplify my intuitive ability through practicing Tony Buzan’s mind mapping and writing the sacred Baybayin scripts, the ancient Filipino writing system. I have long honored Filipino/Tagalog, my native tongue, and English, the world’s language, as well as recognizing other languages as my gateways to the mystical essence of words.

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Intuiting words is to break rationality and allow their nonsensical and unnoticeable connections. This is how mystics echo their prayers or how poets produce their verses or how comedians crack their jokes. Today, we have heard – and demonize – psychics, channelers, diviners, for we suspect that they get their messages from the whispers of the devil. While we cannot judge the charlatans, we can intuit the genuine. Sufi poets Rumi and Hafiz, Christian mystics Meister Eckhart and Teilhard de Chardin, and Zen haiku poets Basho and  Issa tapped into the infinite well of words expressed in their divinely written masterpieces. The gentle God who conversed with Neale Donald Walsch, or the voice of Jesus that spoke A Course in Miracles to Helen Schucmann have long inspired many people to awaken a deeper understanding of the big questions in life. For sure, their word intuitions have always brought angelic Loving messages and always evoke and awaken in us a Loving soul.

In his book Reenchantment of Everyday Life, Thomas Moore inadvertently describes a word intuitive as a magus: “To the magus, a word is precious when it makes no sense, when its power flows from its sound, its letters, and its physical presence.” But how does this magus see the words? The film Bee Season perfectly depicts this unique ability through the character Eli, a spelling bee champion, a young girl who sees images of the letters and words spell by themselves as they come alive in her mind’s eye. While the movie told a sad story, it revealed the magic of words.  The trailer summed up what I have ultimately realized as a word intuitive: “Words may define us…but it’s Love that connects us.”  Because a word intuitive truly intuits not the words, but the wordless behind them – the mysteries of the word being revealed through the wordlessness of Love.

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    1. Very true, Donia. It is through words that we touch each other’s soul, just like how the insights of this blog help us both grow. Again, thanks to you 🙂

  1. You have a great gift . on Your latest blog on prosperity the word showed up one day in one setting and then showed up again the next day in an entirely different setting. Since you are word intuitive, the meanings of words jump at you from everywhere and help you appreciate and understand your experience of the moment. Great gift talaga.

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