Welcome to the new home of Pathfinders’ Commune here at WordPress. I have spent more than 2 years of writing on Love at Blogger. It has been a daring adventure to unearth Love in its raw and  ripe forms. We were moved by Love’s unassuming truths, as It touched our hearts like never before. Thank you for joining me, for your support and trust. Now, Pathfinders’ Commune begins afresh and I invite you to embark on a new journey. Love waits for us to reveal its new surprises. Its inexhaustible supply of ideas and insights is soon to fill us with abundance of inspiration and enthusiasm. Again, let us learn Love together. Let’s transform the world with Love!

17 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi, Jenny! It’s great to meet you here at WordPress! I’m happy to stumble upon your blog and be touched by your messages. I’m grateful for your following, too. Intending you blessings of unconditional Love! =D

  1. Are you talking about Love in general? I heard you on Jam 88.3 earlier but it was already drawing to a close. Like you, I don’t follow a particular religion but I do believe there’s a Higher Being up above. Anyway, you got me really interested.

    1. Hi! Thanks for listening. Yes, I discuss Love in general and also as a universal and personal truth. Basically, all tenets of all religion come from the same core, which is Love, and this is why my stand on religion is to honor them without the need to compare. Another thing is that I always emphasize that Love not just about romantic or marital or any kind of relationship. Love is revealed in all aspects of human knowledge and experience, but we need to awaken our inherent sensibility to Love’s all-encompassing nature. Thanks again. Blessings of Love!

  2. I have the same sentiments exactly, well as far as religion is concerned. Love, yea it is universal but there is something to it that is just so difficult to understand. I’ll go on reading you, I might find answers in your posts. 🙂 ooh Blessings of Love, thanks I need those! 😉

  3. Thank you for the like on my blog, after reading your about, am adding yours to my list to follow, as you seek the truth about love, regardless of the source. It does not matter which religion or code of morals you choose to study and proclaim, as much as do you put it into practice constantly. As a Buddhist I respect all teachers and have quoted many from other religions on my blog. Truth, love and wisdom do not belong to any faith, they are universal.

    1. Hi, Keith. Thank you for following my blog. Though we have different paths, we are essentially on the same journey. I, too, appreciate what the Buddha taught, along with all spiritual teachers, since I am seeking for the perennial truth they all share. And I personally discover that this truth is Love. I know that all human beings echo the same. Thanks again. Boundless Love to you.

  4. just wonderful. thank you for stopping by my blog and leading me here! i look forward to your future posts, as well as checking out some of your previous ones! 🙂 all the best! ames.

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