The Love Within Us

Do you have something about Self-Love? This is not the exact question I heard four years ago, but I presume this one is the nearest. It was after a workshop I facilitated that a participant approached and asked me. Yes, I’ll explore on that, I said. In my mind, however, I was caught red-handed. I […]

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On Pain

My left lower molar has no damage, said my dentist-friend, though it was sensitive to too much cold and heat. She tapped it lightly with her dental instrument. There are cases that the damage might be inside the tooth, she added. But the molar is OK from the outside. I asked her this a few […]

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Loving Our Questions

She was like an expert balasador, flashing a deck of index cards on the table. Every student in the class gave her one card with our name on it. The whole class was her whole deck. She seems like a gypsy ready to pick and read a tarot card. Here’s our typical class: she picks […]

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The Waste We Make

Styrofoam containers, stained red with spaghetti sauce. Each had left-over noodles, fried chicken bones and crumbs from its crispy breading. Used and oily spoon and fork, red-stained too. Small containers with left-over gravy. Plastic cups with left-over Coke, from a few drops to half-full. Each had a red straw made from a sturdy kind of plastic, […]

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This is FLOW

It was Mothers’ Day this year, May 10. I was in the company of eccentric people like myself. Some of them write for a living. Others teach. The rest just write. But all share a passion that seems closeted by their busy worlds. Their hands know what it means to touch a pen (or a […]

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To Slow Down

A city is supposed to be fast, and its time is always speeding. But the whole Metro Manila learns the opposite – it slows down. Its road traffic trickles like an aged tar. Its patience, in the words of a friend, is a shorter fuse, ready to spark and explode. EDSA is a long, irritating […]

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Why People Leave

We keep on hearing these stories: people, mostly men, who walk away from their relationships, or worst their families, stealthily, often without goodbyes, or sometimes with cryptic parting word like mysterious riddles doomed without answers. They leave behind their loved ones, their children, their partners, their spouses without explanations, without any compelling reasons. In the […]

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In Me

I punched him in the face, hitting his nose and moist gums with my right knuckle. I was fed up with his taunting while trying hard to bear my headache due to a slight fever. He was stunned, eyes widened, immediately touching his bleeding gums. I barely remember what followed. Perhaps he walked away, while […]

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Yaman: A Baybayin Meditation

No matter how familiar they appear to me, through many occasions of writing and reading, Baybayin characters remain open to many meanings. I’m not sure with other writing systems like Chinese characters or Egyptian hieroglyphs. They seem to me precise and exact – combine characters and there you get new meanings.  But I cannot describe […]

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Higher Selfie

Since I rarely take my own pictures, it seems puzzling to me of what motivates people taking many pictures of themselves. In these pictures they are pouting, frowning, smirking, smiling. They face the mirror and shoot themselves either wearing make-up, a strange hairstyle or sunglasses. They take them in many angles, in many places, in the […]

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