Commune \-myün; kə-myün\

1. v. to communicate intimately*

2. n. sharing**

3. v. to experience a deep emotional or spiritual relationship with something**

4. v. to be one with***

Even if a Pathfinder begins his or her personal journey alone, he or she shares that journey with millions of others who begin finding their Path. Here, a Pathfinder is coming to terms of his or her belongingness to the whole humanity, and eventually getting in touch with the presence of fellow Pathfinders.

A Pathfinder who asks questions about his or her existence in relation to all attempts of human knowledge now begins the conversation:  Who am I? Who is God? What is my purpose? What is Love? We exchange thoughts and listen to each other.  Despite multiple answers, we arrive at a consensus that Love is the answer found within the deep core of all questions.  This meeting of minds and hearts is what we call Communes.

Every Commune is a celebration of consciousness. Many minds and thoughts paint colorful understanding. Many hearts and feelings sing the rhythms of Love. We open ourselves to a new opportunity of learning, sharing and experiencing our true nature, which is Love. We communicate intimately in the level of the Soul and bind ourselves into deeper and truer relationships  not just with each other, but with all in the Universe.

The meaning of Commune is resonant with the insight of creative writer Elizabeth Ayres. She defines the word communication not as usual definition, but a soulful one: comm– means “with” and –uni– means “one”. The first two syllables being defined here is the very meaning of Communes: to be one with. In every Commune, Pathfinders are being one with each other, being one again with Love.

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