Love is in the core of all world’s religions, spiritual and philosophical traditions and all achievements and systems of human thought and consciousness.  We see them without any biases, and in every Commune, we strive to see again the connection that links them all to Love.

Love is the ground of all methods, approaches and information used in every Commune. We utilize them only to support the growth of  every individual in all aspects of his or her life that contribute to the benefit of humankind.

Love is the inspiration behind timeless spiritual teachings, scientific theories, philosophical concepts, secular ideas and artistic and cultural sensibilities. We draw from these particular sources we use in every Commune to discuss the vastness of Love and foster an education that encompasses the mind and body, heart and soul.

Love is the bond between the teacher and the learner within a Commune. We encourage inclusive and interactive participation, bringing forth teachers’ creativity that would help learners appreciate their own experiences, capacities and potentials. We give them freedom to express themselves. We accept their presence that bears both their abilities and limitations without being judged or criticized.

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