Love at Second Sight (A Commune Lecture)

(cc) rummo / Flickr

They say that Love can be found at first sight. But can we really recognize Love? We have been blinded by our beliefs and experiences on Love. It is about time to see Love for the second time.

Join word intuitive and Love teacher Rem Tanauan in this exciting journey of discovery as we explore and learn the breadths and the depths of Love in this interactive discussion which will transport us to a magical realm that is more than just romance. As we traverse the rich emotional & symbolic landscape of our personal stories, be prepared for what you might discover that will surely touch every fiber of your being and every aspect of your life.

About the facilitator: Rem Tanauan is a word intuitive, prayer poet and Love teacher who pioneered an educational advocacy called Pathfinders’ Commune, which aims to spread the message of Love as a positive force of personal and collective transformation. He finds this as an inspired continuation of the efforts of the Love teacher, Italian-born American psychologist Leo Buscaglia during the 1980s. Since 2008, Rem has conducted numerous Commune sharing, spoken in schools on principles of Love, and held workshops to help people, especially the youths, discern common misconceptions on Love and enrich authentic understanding of it. He is a student of Vipassana Meditation and Humanist Movement, a co-facilitator of Peace Camp Pilipinas, and an active member of Inner Peace Foundation.

Energy Exchange: Php500
Limited seats only.

Feb 11, 2012, 1:00-5:30 pm
at Ripples Books & Gifts Store

For inquiries and reservations, contact
340-1214 / 655-1589 or text 0922-8871158

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