Notes on Commune Gratis

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Commune Gratis programs are always for free, given as a gift to everyone who wants to participate in learning Love. Even so, we still welcome everyone who desires to share their gifts, whether in cash, in kind, or in any help possible. Any amount of money will help us save for our operating expenses; it could also help subsidize and/or sponsor our ongoing projects. Anything in kind like food, supplies and stuffs may replenish our stocks and keep us working. Your help in building networks and connections, volunteering your skills and expertise, and sharing your time and effort are great enough to help us grow. We are working together to continue spreading the message of Love. This exchange and cycle of energy allows us to continue our endeavor in transforming the world through Love.

We welcome your inquiries and we are open to collaborate with you. Just give us a call, a text or an email message and let us discuss and plan over a cup of coffee. Contact us through

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