Notes on Commune Praxis

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Commune Praxis programs aim to help Pathfinders’ Commune build strong financial sustainability and expand its vision and mission of spreading Love. The amount you pay for these programs are intended not solely for modest earning but for our sustainable capacity to meet our financial needs. Part of this is to pay for expenses and to compensate the people involved in providing you a great learning experience. Thus, whatever amount you give us is defined as a gift of your encouraging generosity, and we are thankful beyond measure. In return, we give you our gift of commitment in helping you and others integrate the principles of Love with your lives.

We provide program quotes by request, which may include program details and schedules. Logistics, venue, and other concerns will be discussed in person. If you intend collaborative design, details and schedule will be also collaborative work in progress, although basic fees are already defined. Please give us call or text, or send us an email, or set our schedule for us to meet.  Our contact information is

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