What is Pathfinders’ Commune?

Pathfinders’ Commune is my personal advocacy on learning, teaching, living and sharing the profound essence of Love. We have different ways of understanding Love, but too often we misunderstand it. My calling is to encourage everyone to rethink Love, to begin to find it in anything, anywhere and anyone. Here, I provide a venue to bring Love’s wisdom in many ways than one, and to see and use it as a new way to find answers and solutions to many questions and problems we have. The purpose of Pathfinders’ Commune is to rediscover that Love is in the core of all.

What does Pathfinders’ Commune do?

Pathfinders’ Commune provides a radical learning pathway through many perspectives. In this blog, I provide articles that discuss significant connection of Love in many things. With my intimate circle of friends, we provide  Commune programs where people can learn more about Love. These are group activities that combine classroom learning, support group, informal discussions, get-together and spiritual retreat to help participants get in touch with the essence of Love.

What does Pathfinders’ Commune have?

Pathfinders’ Commune has Love as the basis of its endeavor. It acknowledges Love as both human nature and a set of highly learnable skills. Here, we discuss principles and provide practical lessons on learning and living Love. We facilitate Commune programs with ease and creativity, giving space for teachers to work on their own creativity while learners engage themselves in deepening their relationships with oneself, others and the world.

4 thoughts on “Overview

  1. Hi Rem, thank you for inviting me. Your articles on love are fascinating! A lot of it I can relate to as I work on learning unconditional love as my path to real happiness. Maybe meeting you yesterday and sharing the gift of Reiki is already a part of my answered prayer. I will definitely enjoy reading. May love and light be with you always!


    1. Amen to that! There are no accidents. 🙂 Thank you, Rosette, for your presence and appreciation. Welcome to Pathfinders’ Commune. Let’s live and learn Love together.

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