Pathfinder \path-fīn-dər

n. One that discovers a way; especially, one that explores untraversed regions to mark a new route.*

We are all Pathfinders, simply because we all want to discover the Path. The Path is our inner journey towards Love. We desire to discover what Love is through different ways and languages we know. We explore these unknown regions and create new Paths of understanding. Therefore, Love is not a single Path, but numerous Paths leading to a single point.

Ancient Pathfinders like Christ, Buddha and Lao Tzu found and created their own Paths, and they are all different from each other.  Their journey was to traversed their Paths until they all reach their ultimate destination: that being human and being alive is all about Love.

Sages, philosophers, artists, mystics, poets, storytellers, geniuses, scholars and scientists throughout history found their Paths, and we have followed them since. Most of us only see the stark differences of these Paths. But to a true Pathfinder, beneath the differences lies the same essence. These Pathfinders journeyed their way and converged at the mysterious point of truth: we all want to experience the fullness of our humanity, to experience what Love is.

As Pathfinders of this generation, it does not matter what we believe in, what we do to make a living, or what possessions we have. It is about how we allow Love permeate in and flow from our lives. We have only found the Path by being more Loving towards our fellow human being.

A true Pathfinder Loves without conditions, and uses the conditions of his or her existence as a Path to Love.

*Microsoft Corporation, 2008. Encarta dictionary. Microsoft, Inc.

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