Praxis: Commune Discourse

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Commune Discourse

Commune Discourse is quite intensive than the first two. You are about to delve into the basic and advance topics and curricula on Love. You will get to know yourself deeply and sincerely using the tools of Love such as powerful inquiry and deep contemplation. Learning in a Commune Discourse is like mastering the principles of Love in your life, and practicing them with commitment and discipline.

A Commune Discourse is more personal and intimate, a program for 1 to 5 participants only. It is more collaborative, in which we decide how many hours or days we hold a Commune; or that we decide what particular curriculum or topic you want to learn corresponding to your particular issues at hand. We examine the lessons and create possible solutions using the principles you have learned. Akin to tutorials, you take your own pace. You have the freedom to assess your own progress and to choose whether to continue or end your journey.

Fixed and adjustable fees depend on the duration and extent of your program (please see Notes on Commune Praxis). However you spend your time and money is always a win-win benefit: towards supporting our worthwhile cause, and your exciting and transformative inner journey to Love.

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