Praxis: Commune Lecture

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Commune Lecture

Commune Lecture is the most basic of Praxis programs. Here, we introduce you to the general features of Commune curricula. There are specialized topics on each principle of Love (see Beyond Romance and The Art of Nonjudging). Lectures are more interactive, with simple exercises to perk up your mind up and simple lessons to inspire your heart.

Like all Commune programs, in every Commune Lecture we always accept and listen to each other, and we share sincerely and honestly. But conversations are more thematic and detailed based on the particular exercise of a topic at hand. There are set of questions for self-inquiry to help you connect the principles you learn with your personal experiences. Like a regular class, you must take with you a Commune homework to prompt you to work on the lesson, but only if you are open and willing. But unlike a regular class,  Commune Lecture is not about what the teacher knows, but your inner experience. It is not about studying, but your process of learning, unlearning and relearning to be aware of the Love within.

We run Commune Lectures for affordable fees to help cover usual expenses in holding such activity (see Notes on Commune Praxis). This fair exchange helps you to value your learning, like in the schools you attended; and for us to continue and sustain the Communes for the benefit of all.

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