Praxis: Commune Workshop

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Commune Workshop

In a Commune Workshop, you will focus more on exploring a Commune topic. Topics discussed in Commune Lectures are general, and most of its details are explored in a Workshop. You will participate more in fun and wholesome activities and games, or be involved with group interactions. We have  specific themes from a particular topic. Overall, a Commune Workshop is our  laboratory wherein we can test and experiment different principles of Love.

We pre-designed Commune Workshops based on the topic, and do little adjustments based on the needs of your group. But we could also have collaboration in designing it. It means that me and my team can work with the goals you intend for your group, as long as we both align ourselves to an intention of helping people to learn and practice Love. Commune Workshops may run as short as 1 whole day to as long as 3 days, depending on the time we need. We can accommodate a small audience of  15 to as much as 20 people, enough to have a more interactive group dynamics.

We run pre-designed workshops with fixed fees, while we have fee adjustments for workshops we are about to collaborate (see Notes on Commune Praxis). Whatever way possible, our aim is to share the best of Love to our future participants through Communes.

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