Paradigms of Love are the core principles of the Pathfinders’ Commune. They represent two archetypical truths as major paradigms: Paradigms of Being and Paradigms of Becoming. Under each are 5 Paradigms that again represent Love’s complementing paradigmatic counterparts evident in all forms and realities.

Being is the state of Love, but it is not static. While Love is unmoving, unchanging and unyielding, it is essentially alive. Within a rock is an ancient story of Love longing to be told and has stayed the same for all eternity. Love, like rock, has witnessed the ebb and flow of all things in the Universe but has never changed its core nature. Love remains Love, always embedded in our hearts, seeking for ways to materialize eons by eons.

Becoming is the flux of Love, but it is not chaotic. While Love is ever-moving, ever-changing, ever-creating, it is always even and constant. Within water is the eternal movement of Love taking shape, steadily continuous and uninterrupted. Love, like water, flows freely in the cycle that changes its form yet is never lost nor destroyed. Love changes into Love in colorful and magnificent ways within our hearts, coursing in the current of our inner nature.

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