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A week before I held the first Commune in November 15, 2008, I saw it as a learning space, similar to a typical classroom setting. I went further in conceptualizing and adapting ideas from different interactive group activities (such as cell and support groups, storytelling and book clubs, focus group and round table discussions, one-on-one tutorials, workshops, seminars, pep talks, writing and poetry clinics, etc) and later found that a Commune has a life of its own. It allows spontaneity and structure, creativity and cooperation – all characterize the activities I mentioned. I discovered that a Commune is a new born idea of group learning activity, with an innovative and evolving framework, and adapts to the needs and sensibilities of its audience.

I initially designed Commune Programs to help people gain access to the timeless wisdom and modern insights on the principles of Love. Each set of programs consists of different activities that give audience time and space conducive to interpersonal learning. Together with my team, we provide each activity with wholehearted effort. Some activities are free of charge, others have affordable fees. Either way, your financial and/or inspiring supports are gifts we gratefully receive from you, as they help us fulfilling our vision and mission of learning, understanding, experiencing and sharing the wisdom of Love.

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