A forest path was once an uncharted, unpredictable wilderness. In his or her journey, a pathfinder creates this new path that traverses the wild. There are perils and surprises along the way, and they are all different for each pathfinder. However, all pathfinders embark on the same adventure.

Likewise, every pathfinder has a unique path to Love. We embark on our own adventure, encountering inner and outer difficulties. We do not follow the dictate of others. Rather, we tread on our own, and discover that we all have the same journey and destination, which is Love.

A nautilus is a delicate mollusk gradually growing its soft body, along with another bigger chamber inside its shell, to which it moves once it outgrows its current chamber.  The nautilus occupies the bigger chamber, while it uses the series of smaller chambers to exchange air and liquid to help it float on water.

Nautilus shell is a metaphor of Love as a remarkable process of the expansion of our consciousness. As we grow, we leave behind the space from which our smaller consciousness resides and move to a bigger one. Still the smaller spaces are part of the entire wholeness of our consciousness. Nothing is left behind.

Water cascades with tremendous force, flows with unobstructed freedom and flexibly transforms into different states of matter. In contrast, rock is a full solid of massive strength and enduring toughness that can last for millions of years.

Water embodies the flowing movement, the cascading force and the transformative states of Love. Rock embodies Love’s unyielding strength, unchanging worth, and timeless nature. Both of them are symbols of Love’s co-existent and co-creating essence.

The human hand is a magnificent miracle of life. Those 5 fingers with different lengths, shapes and appearances radiate from the palm and function in unison to hold and grab any object or hold the hand of another.

Our hands show how Love nurtures our togetherness and empowers our ability to create. When we join our hands, we move towards greater possibility of our meaningful vision: to dissolve our boundaries, to recognize our interconnectedness,  and to remember our inner Truth. We begin to Commune.

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