The Dance of Words

Word Intuitive   My new community of spiritual-creatives knows that aside from being a teacher and writer of Love,  I am also a word intuitive. A word intuitive is a term I coined to refer to people who have the gift of understanding the divinity in words. A word intuitive has the capability to see beyond […]

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Rediscovering the Babaylan

Most of us might have learned the Babaylan during our high school, inside our  Philippine history classes. The Babaylan was just a simple history topic in our country’s past, right before the Spaniards came.  We had found them relevant because we needed to put the right answers on our history exams. Other than that, the […]

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The Ritualist

What do most religious leaders have in common? Priest, pastors, nuns, monks, spiritual teachers and the like are people we often revere as guides, advisers and mediators between us and the Divine.  We witness ceremonies they often officiate as special events. They summon the  Divine to inspire us and hear our prayers. We respect and […]

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