Love: Problems and Perspectives

I have heard many people talk about problems. I presume that most of their conversations among friends, co-workers and relatives all revolve around some kind of a problem. They may always mean money, either being broke or penniless. Or problems about relationships, trouble of getting along with parents, in-laws, spouses, children, bosses, or neighbors. They […]

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The Message of Crisis

Personal and Collective Crisis None of us have the same crisis.  Crisis happen in varying degrees and the impact may also be different from one person to the other. What is accurate in every crisis is a precise process. First, there is always a trigger, and this goes in multitude of reasons for many people. Second, […]

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Before Criticizing

I am not so much into reading newspaper or watching news, although I still keep myself updated periodically since I have my internet access. For two years, aside from breaking catastrophes in the country and in different parts of the globe, controversies particularly here in the Philippines have erupted like volcanoes, and stirred our minds […]

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Existential Crisis

Most of my friends and people that I know have been undergoing some sort of crisis in their lives, all differ in extent and nature.  Some contracted an illness, while others are broke, coupled with a heap of financial obligations. Many have difficulties in their relationships with loved ones, partners and co-workers, and some are […]

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