On Learning

I can hardly ever recall how I learned to read and write. What I remember most are my days as a kindergarten student, the face of my grumpy teacher, the laughter and smiles of my cute classmates as we played and studied together. But the memory of me learning reading and writing remains a mystery. […]

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At One With Love

What do we attribute to Love? It often ignites fireworks of emotions, bursting into colors inside us, appearing fast and disappearing in no time. Emotions are inherent in every being across all cultures and geographies, traverse the imaginary boundaries of nations, and do not recognize differences of races and languages. Through them, Love speaks its […]

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Finding Love

The age of rapid evolution is getting faster and faster. We have changed the face of the planet through many unprecedented advancements, even turning it into its worst state. Only few people wield global power and control all resources, while a huge number of our species are battling daily suffering of not meeting their basic […]

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Why Love?

Why Love? Many people have asked me why I find this topic interesting. Why did I choose it? That’s a good question. We often decide over things that have either trivial effects on our daily concerns or have the power to change our lives. Careers, jobs, relationships, beliefs, and finances are often major life decisions. […]

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