The Ritualist

What do most religious leaders have in common? Priest, pastors, nuns, monks, spiritual teachers and the like are people we often revere as guides, advisers and mediators between us and the Divine.  We witness ceremonies they often officiate as special events. They summon the  Divine to inspire us and hear our prayers. We respect and […]

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Rituals Within

In many workshops, learning is not just the aim. The opportunity to meet people and friends of different backgrounds but similar passion is equally exciting. The Art of Ritual Making fulfilled those expectations, and I felt it has exceeded them. It has set a great hub of not just like-minds, but  kindred  spirits who have […]

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Insights from Rituals

When our workshop facilitator, Ms. Leah Tolentino asked us of 3 things that remind us of rituals, I failed to mention a word that somehow appropriately tells my usual experience: awkward. Perhaps I would elaborate on this article my thoughts about rituals and shed some light to past memories. I often feel awkward doing any […]

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