Too Much

After a series of relationship blows that cost her family, business and career, a friend I met some months ago told me that I must not Love too much. She said that with gravity of regret in her eyes. Though she told me her story without going into details, her old emotions quietly emanated from […]

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Love at Second Sight

Love at first sight. People often ask me if I believe on this aphorism. I used to give a neutral answer and refer to Love through my personal insights. Looking back, I have difficulty recalling how I answered, but now that I have an interesting manner of dealing with this saying, it’s good to return […]

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Youth in Love

When most young people I meet hear the word Love, they would often respond in a very interesting way. Teenagers smile gleefully, looking like a blooming flower. The space where we share this kind of conversation is now being charged by a subtle energy from the glow of their eyes. Their stiffness lightens with their […]

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Romantic Opposites

Even if romantic and married couples choose either to make up with or break up from each other whenever they are at odds, it turns out that the myth of Love as romantic perfection is clearly at play. The idea that there should be harmony between them through conforming with each others whims, or the […]

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Romance + Love: A New Equation

I find it very interesting–and existential–to ponder about dried flowers (mostly roses) in most households I visited. Women keep them until they wilt and dry. What was once a blooming, fragrant bouquet now literally turns to dust after several months. But they are still well-kept, often in a long, ribboned box. They seem to appear […]

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