Pathfinders’ Commune became one of the newest Cooperation Circle (CC) of the United Religions Initiative or URI Southeast Asia and the Pacific Region last September 2011. I was privileged to attend the URI-SEAP Youth Leadership Program and Regional Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last October 4 to 11, 20011. It is an honor to be part of an international endeavor dedicated to end conflicts between different faiths and to begin building a wonderful world of Oneness despite the diversity of religions and races. Our work in Pathfinders’ Commune seeks to build bridges that URI has envisioned. In line with URI’s vision, we dedicate ourselves to fulfill it through our commitment in spreading the message of Love. We see Love as the very fabric of all religions, indigenous traditions and spiritual expressions. It is in seeking the welfare and growth of our fellow human beings equal to our own that Love is known. Whatever our faith is, Love is always in the core of it. Pathfinders’ Commune aims to share this core, and let the world of differences recognize and share its inherent oneness in Love. 

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