Pathfinders’ Commune aims to understand, learn, share and experience the profound essence of Love.

On November 15, 2008, I started a small gathering I called the Pathfinder’s Commune. It was an extraordinary day with an extraordinary aim. We discussed and deepened our understanding of what I perceive as the most widely known yet widely misunderstood virtue: Love. Since then, it has become a deep personal and spiritual journey. Through Communes, I have discovered diverse realities of our human experience interconnected by one indivisible truth—Love is our ultimate purpose. We experience Love in different ways and share our deepest longing of it regardless of belief, race, gender, social class, cultural orientation, education, personality, career, ideology, philosophy, and everything that makes us different from each other. In Mother Teresa’s words, our purpose is to give and receive Love. And undeniably, by the virtue of our existence, anything that we value today is rendered valuable because of our innate sense of Love.

But what is Love really? How we can live and fully experience Love? As an advocacy, Pathfinders’ Commune is aligned with a fundamental character: finding the Path of Love by experiencing it as we Commune together. Every Commune is a learning journey within each of us, and by realizing Love, we can hone our skills and expand our consciousness of how Love can bring us peace, joy and harmony to everyone and everything in our lives. Simply put, Pathfinder’s Commune is an education of the soul that aims to awaken the spirit of Love that we truly are.

Welcome to Pathfinders’ Commune.

Infinite Love,

Rem Tanauan

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